What TMC is
TMC - Traffic Message Channel is a technology allowing to show traffic information directly on personal navigators.

Traffic messages are transmitted through FM radio, coded according to TMC protocol. This is the reason why the device must be explicitely enabled to TMC.
Some models of navigator are already allowed to TMC, for others it is necessary to purchase an appropriate antenna.

To receive our service is also necessary an agreement between the navigation system manufacturer and Infoblu-RTL102.5 and the TMC channel of the navigator must be tuned on RTL 102.5 frequencies. This has no impact on your car radio, which can be tuned to another radio station or even be turned off.

Service coverage

The TMC.IT service provides informations on motorways and major routes and can be received on 80% of the Italian territory.
Devices enabled for TMC service
The TMC.IT service can be received on several personal navigators.

How TMC works
Thanks to TMC.IT service drivers can avoid traffic troubles by calculating an alternative route with navigator.
TMC.IT advantages
Compared to others infomobility services the TMC.IT presents some advantages.