Agreement with Garmin

Premium Information service available on Garmin’s new generation satellite navigation systems

Rome, 28 may 2008 – The agreement between Garmin and Infoblu – Autostrade per l’Italia S.p.A. was signed today to integrate the innovative technical features of last generation navigation systems with traffic information.

Aim of the partnership is to enrich information users can get while driving, as Infoblu is the company with the best traffic detection system at a European level both for motorways and major roads. Around 2000 cameras and monitoring systems, which Infoblu gets through Autostrade per l'Italia S.p.A, will provide real-time news and updates on weather conditions, roadworks, accidents and dangers along the road, and allow for the computation of current travel time to destination.

The Infotraffic Premium service provided by Infoblu is directly included in the new Garmin’s products lines: nüvi 860T Infoblu, where the navigation system is fitted with a vocal recognition system based on advanced technologies, and nüvi 900T Infoblu, the exclusive PND combining navigation functions with DVB-H Digital Mobile TV, provided by 3 Italia. Furthermore both lines include the Advanced Route Avoidance system which calculates the route on the base of current traffic conditions, bypassing traffic and can memorize a list of areas to avoid.

Also the nüvi 2x5 series, the new generation entry-level satellite navigation systems, when fitted with the compatible GTM25 antenna can receive the traffic monitoring service in free or premium version (for the premium version the subscription fee can be taken out on Garmin website).